What kind of properties do you sell?

We Specialize in 1-2 Family homes. However, do not hesitate to reach out to us for any property type. If we cannot help you, we will put you in touch with someone that can.

What does the average property cost?

The Average single-family homes that we sell ranges from $50,000 USD to $70,000 USD and The Average Duplex (Two Family) Dwelling ranges from $85,000 USD to $120,000 USD

What Are the Average Returns?

On Average, a single-family home we sell will have the ability to rent anywhere from 800-1000 USD per month (Gross) and the average duplex will rent 600-750 USD/Unit Per Month (Gross). Therefore, you can expect Net Returns on Investment of at least 10 Percent annually.

What kind of areas do you guys sell in?

We focus on C to B- blocks in the City of Detroit. This is because the returns are stronger on these blocks due to the price points and rental rates. Purchasing a home in an A+ area will not get the high returns Detroit has to offer and therefore it is not as appealing to our investors.

Why Did you say blocks and not neighborhoods/Zip Codes?

Detroit is a very block-by-block city. This is what trips most investors out the first time they look into the city because they search homes online and think they can figure out property values at a quick glance like they would any other city. Unfortunately, Detroit does not work that way. Every block is different from the next. On one block you can have homes that go or 100K+ and on the next homes would not be worth more than 40K. This is why it is important to work with somebody who understands the city in and out.

Can I come travel and see the properties you offer and meet your team?

Yes! In fact we encourage it! If you are able to travel, we always suggest our investors to come into town. This will give you a better scope of the city and a better idea of who we are. Make sure to let us know when you are coming in so we can help show you around !

How much are your property management fees?

We charge ten percent of the gross monthly rent ONLY if your tenant pays. We DO NOT charge you as an investor if your home is unoccupied or you have a non-paying tenant.

What other fees should I factor in when running my numbers on a monthly basis?

On a monthly basis, you should factor in taxes, insurance, and property management fees. Also, try and allocate some expenses for future maintenance and repairs. Every property is different, so make sure to ask us the numbers for a specific property that you are interested in!

Why don't you post any of your houses online?

We sell our houses very quickly and therefore do not wish to continuously update our house selection page. Every time a new house becomes available, we blast it out to our new (inquiring) and current clients via WhatsApp, e-mail, and text (depending on your preference).

We ALWAYS have available inventory, so make sure to ask us for our current list!

Do you guys operate out of Detroit?

Yes, everyone on our team resides in the city of Detroit. We are avid believers of the city and are happy to see it growing.

How do we set up a call to go over opportunities?

Please, feel free to fill out the contact form in the “Contact” section of this website. Make sure to include your name, e-mail, and phone number. If you’d like, you can also reach us by phone or WhatsApp at +1-754-317-5677