Our Packages

Bonjour Detroit Invest offers the following packages to its clients

  1. For local Investors, or investors who do not wish to have a turn-key experience, we offer off-market properties at a deeply discounted price. For this option, the investor purchases a property we own AS-IS and handles the rest on their own after the sale is complete. Generally, this is advised for investors who are local to our market or out of State/Country investors who already have a local team or presence in place.

2. For Out Country or state investors who wish to have the ultimate Turn-Key Experience, we offer off-market properties that have already been rehabbed with a tenant in place. In essence, cash flow the moment you close. Retain us as property managers thereafter and let us handle the rest. This is suggested for the investor who doesn’t mind paying a premium for the most hands-off experience they can have.

3. For Out of Country or state investors who wish to have a Turn-Key Experience but also be a little hands-on, We offer turn key properties that have already been rehabbed, but do not have a tenant in place. This allows the investor to be a little more hands in tenant selection. This is best for an investor who would like to be a little more hands-on but also doesn’t mind paying a premium for a little less hassle.

4. For the out of country and state investor who wishes to find the best deals and have an instant team in the city, We offer properties with The Rehab cost included in the price. Whereas, we sell homes PRE-CONSTRUCTION. All costs are built in the price, and the renovation starts upon closing. This is our most popular selection for our clients, as it allows investors to get the property at a discounted price, and something newly updated. It also allows investors to be hands or hands-off depending on their choosing, with the ability to utilize our contractors. With this option, we offer a 6 months maintenance guarantee for the investor.